I haven't listened to much rap for a long while now. I've began a secret hobby of writing parody songs (cover and/or original) about Christianists (Christians using the bible and their religion for political means or an insufferable zealot whose time has passed).

Now I wanna insult African American Christianists, from Earl W. Jackson (Antigay pastor who failed to win the 2013 Virginia Election for Lieutenant Governor), Star Parker (gays should keep their orientation a secret while Christians should spread theirs out), Erik Rush (Obama and the liberals should go to hell), Jesse Lee Petersen (we want a white president back in the White House), Donnie McClurkin (gays are vampires), Charles Flowers (opposed San Antonio's new Non-Discrimination Ordinance because it "bullies Christians", it doesn't) and/or Voddie Baucham (The NAACP should never have supported gay rights).

For the question at hand: who is the most arrogant rapper out there right now?? What songs from their lines should I use?? Should I go for Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Childish Gambino??